The District collector is the head of district's general administration. He is assisted by three Additional collectors. The Additional Collector (City) is responsible for law & order in Bhilwara city. The Additional Collector (Administration) is responsible for routine and institutional administration. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO- Zila Parishad) is respectively responsible for developmental administration.

After the formation of Rajasthan , a uniform pattern was evolved for the administration of the entire Rajasthan State and it is divided into six divisions. Bhilwara district is included in Ajmer division .The entire division is in the charge of a Divisional Commissioner.

The district is now divided in to Eight sub-divisions, viz., Bhilwara, Banera, Shahpura, Gangapur, Gulabpura, Mandal, Mandalgarh and Jahazpur. Each sub division is under the charge of sub divisional magistrate. These sub-divisions are further sub-divided in to twelve Tehsils, Bhilwara, Banera, Mandal, Mandalgarh, Bijoliya, Kotri, Shahpura, Jahajpur, Sahada, Raipur, Asind, Hurda and four Sub Tehsils. They are Kareda(Mandal), Badnor (Asind), Hamirgarh(Bhilwara) and Puliakalan(Shahpura). These tehsils are again sub-divided into Patwar circles and villages. Bhilwara,is having 1783 villages as per census of 2002 .


Bhilwara was placed in Udaipur range after the formation of state, but now it is in Ajmer range. The entire police of the district is divided in to five police circles viz., Bhilwara, Shahpura, Gangapur, Gulabpura and Mandalgarh.These are placed under control of Dy.S.P.'s. The Circles are again sub-divided in to 27 police stations which in their turn are subdivided into 40 police chowkies. Besides, Reserve Police Line and the City and Traffic control police are stationed at district headquarters.

Rural Development

Applying the thought of Decentralization ,The district Zila Parishad is divided into eleven Panchayat samities viz.,Suwana, Mandal, Kotri, Mandalgarhs, Sahada, Hurda, Asind, Banera, Raipur, Shahpura and Jahajpur.These Panchayat Samities are further sub-divided in to Gram Panchayats.The Political head of Zila Parishad is called Zila Pramukh and Administrative head of the institution is called Chief Executive Officer. Panchayat Samities follows the same pattern. The political representive is called Pradhan and administrative head is B.D.O.

URBAN: The structure of local self government at urban level is made with two institutes, The Urban Improvement Trust (U.I.T.) and Nagar Parishad. Both political representatives and civil servants are there in these institutions. Beside the , all the sub divisions are managed by Nagar Palika's.
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