The major industry is textiles, with more than 400 manufacturing units in the town. There is also a huge cloth market. The main textile product is synthetic fabric used in trousers. The city is a market for mica, grains, cotton, and wool. Its manufactures include textiles and metalware. It was the immense effort of Lt. Sh. Jugal Kishore Sharaf and then Lt. Sh. Chetan Sharaf owner of "Jugal Kishore Mica corp." That played a crucial role in Bhilwara being a major Mica producing area. Mansingha family, Jaiswal Family a well known business family, M/s. Ashok Kumar Daruka has had a major share in export of Mica worldwide, has impact on the development of the city.

Bhilwara is the one of the major textile centre of the Country. It is prominent in manufacturer of P/V blended yarn and suiting. The turn over of the textile industry is more than Rs. 10,000 crore p.a. It has 9 major spinning mills and 5 small spinning mills. The total spindlage installed at Bhilwara are approx. 4.50 lacs about 40% of the State capacity. It has 18 modern process houses to process polyester/viscose suiting with the capacity of 50-55 crore meters of fabric p.a. In weaving sector it has approx. 13,500 looms out of which about 9000 are modern shuttleless looms. Exports of textiles from the district is of more than Rs. 750 crore p.a.

It is the only center in the country producing insulation bricks. There are about 25 units. In mining sector large scale mining of sand stone, which is also exporting. The other major mining activity is in soap stone mining, the talcum powder manufactured by UMDS is supplied to all major manufacturing units
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