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Bhilwara district has made an important place for itself in the industrial map of the state. During the last decade the district has developed in to a leading place in the textile industry the in the country. There are 54 large and medium scale units with an investment of Rs. 8439.91crores approx employing about 20986 persons.

Small Scale and Cottage Industry
A total of 15734 units were registered with the DIC, Bhilwara till on 31st march 2006 out of which 5747 were sido units. An investment of Rs. 212.09 crores had been made in these units. The number of persons employed was 59383 .

Agro Based industries
Oil Mills, Flour Mills, Ice Candy manufacturing units, Dal Mills and Units producing Biscuits Confectionary items, Khandsari, Masala and Cattle Feed. As on 31st March 2006 there were 1361 units producing such items. They provide employment to 4972 persons and had an investment of 831.52 lacs.

Tobacco based industry
There are 18 Units producing Scented Tobacco and Bidies. They have an investment of Rs. 117.72 Lacs and employ 146 persons.

Cotton based industries
Cotton is grown in Asind and Hurda Panchayat Samities of Bhilwara. A number of cotton Ginning and Pressing units are established there. There were 1104 units of cotton textile industry as on 31st march 2006. They include cotton spinning, cotton ginning, cotton mercerizing, doubling yarn, cotton dying, Handloom and Power Loom Fabrics Cotton Niwar and Cotton Tape producing units. An investment of Rs. 1287.91 lacs had been made in cotton and cotton based industries.

Wool Based industry
Bhilwara district had 10 woolen carpet yarn shoddy yarn units in the medium scale sector. The entire production is being sold outside the district.

Synthetic Fabric Unit
Bhilwara district has acquired place of prominence on textile map of the country. A total 10000 power looms have been established by 31st march 2006 with a production capacity of Synthetic fabric to a tune of 5 crore meters and having an investment of Rs. 492.19 crores providing employment to 20021 persons approximately.

Cotton clothes based industry
There were about 647 units based on Cotton, Cotton Thread, Cotton Fabric and Jute products in the textile sector. They includes units for producing Readymade Garments Embroidery, Laces Gritting for Thread, Bobbins etc. A sum of Rs. 141.14 Lacs had been invested in these units providing employment to about 1521 persons.

Wood Based Industry
Bhilwara district is backward from the point of view of forests. The mere wood produced locally is used for making Bullock Carts, Ploughs, Wooden Windows, Doors. Furniture is made from Teak and Sunmica wood imported from outside the district. There are also 15 motor body-building units in also Bhilwara. A total of 1895 units based on wood were registered till 31st march 2006. A sum of Rs. 338.53 lacs have been invested in these units. They provided employment to 5909 persons.

Paper Based Industry
178 units were registered till 31st march 2006 for producing Paper bags, Envelopes and Cardboard boxes, Exercise books, Paper Cones and Paper printing. They had an investment of Rs. 415.39 Lacs and provided employment for 1094 persons.

Leather and Leather based industry
There were a total 2922 units in the Bhilwara district for Leather dyeing and finishing, Shoe making, Manufacturing of cycle seats, Leather bags etc. with a total investment of Rs. 195.29 lacs as on 31st March 2006. This industry provided employment to 6150 persons. The main centers for leather dyeing are Bagor and Hameergarh.

Rubber and Plastic Unit
Plastic hoes, Polythene candles, Plastic card and Niwar etc are manufactured in Bhilwara. There were 189 units engaged for manufacture of rubber and plastic based units as on 31st March 2006. They employed 971 persons and has an investment of Rs. 610.38 Lacs.

Chemical Based Unit
There were 246 units registered for manufacturing Soap, Bio-fertilizer, Ayurvedic medicine, Detergent powder, Sodium silicate and lac bangles etc. A sum of Rs. 1052.17 lacs had been invested. These units provided employment to 1800 persons.

Minerals and Metal Based Units
The district has deposits of Soap stone, Mica ,China clay, Garnets, Marble etc. Based on them a number of units have come up for manufacturing Insulation bricks, Mica grinding Marble cutting and Polishing, China clay, Washing powder etc. There are also units for manufacturing Cement Jali, Tanki, Pipes and P.C.C. poles. There were 1412 units registered with an investment of Rs. 1878.13 lacs and employment of 7103 persons as on 31st march 2006.

There were also 107 units manufacturing Brass Utensils and Circles, Aluminum Circles and Utensils with an investment of Rs. 242 Lacs and employment of 476 persons. Moreover there were 363 units with investment of Rs. 159.83 lacs and employing 1356 persons engaged in fabrication work and manufacture of Tin containers Steel furniture, Hand tools and for metal polishing.

Machinery and Machine Tools
The district has a number of units manufacturing Agricultural tools and instruments, Thresher, Spades Axes Repair shops, Welding, Motor winding, Pump repairing Auto mobile workshop etc. The total number of such units were 332 as on 31st march 2006 with investment of Rs. 109.32 lacs and employing 1132 persons.

Electrical Machinery and Instruments
There are 7 units manufacturing ACSR conductor cables, 3 units manufacturing insulated wire and cables and 6 units producing heating elements. The total number of units in this group were 40 with an investment of Rs. 612.16 lacs and employing 201 persons.

Inland container depot
Bhilwara also has dry port. The motto behind this establishment is, to accelerate the export .The industrialists of Bundi, Chittor, Rajsamand and Ajmer will also be able accelerate their exports. The main items which being exported from here are , Marble, Granite, Handicrafts, Yarns ,Threads and textile products. Total quantity of export was to the tune Rs. 176.0 cr.
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