Social & Culturel Significance
Besides Bhilwara's popularity in name of textile industry, it has a very strong cultural heritage base. Bhilwara is also famous for following cultural and social elements:

Arts and Handicrafts

In the enriched heritage of Rajasthan, Bhilwara contributes in the field of arts. It is well known for Phad painting, Bahrupiya and Swang art. It is also known for Gair dance and Wooden toys.

Phad Painting
The Phad painting is a type of painting in which the activities of folk heroes are shown on a long cloth. Natural hand made colours are used in these paintings. These paintings, if made on walls, are called "patt chitrakari". This particular school of art is known as "Laghu chitra shaili". The famous artists of this art are Shree Lal Joshi, Badri Lal Joshi. These paintings are also called "Pabu ji ka Phad" in local language. The center of this art is at Shahpura in Bhilwara.

Bahrupiya & Swang Art
This is an art of making various get-ups and costumes.These get-up and roles are played by a single person in different moods on special occasions. Mr. JANKI LAL BHAND is famous round the globe for this art.

Sangeet Kala Kendra
The institution was established on 2nd october,1953 by some enthusiastic lovers of music, dance,drama and fine arts. Since then it has been playing an important rolein the cultural activities of the town and District . Its objective is to revive,preserve and develope Indian classical music , to popularise folk songs and dances , and to encourage young and budding artists . It is affiliated to Rajasthan Sangeet Natak Academy.

There are some more arts deserve to be mentioned here. The LAKH'S Bangles are made at Bhilwara by traditional LAKHARA families. The artistic Lather Shoes called ' mozri' are made at many places at Bhilwara. The Wooden toys art of Jahajpur is very impressive.The toys are very attractive with their natural looking & finishing. Bhilwara is also for Gazak. It is made up of Til and famous around whole Rajasthan.


Bhilwara is the source of National Basketball team players. This city is considered to be the mine of basketball players. The well known basketball coach Priyadarshini Diwakar has trained many players in the city. His students are scattered around the world.

Shitala Devi Saptami

People from Bhilwara indulges themselves more on this festival as compared to Holi (a week before). People eat cold food on the day, as a dedication to celebrate last winter festival. Besides many other real stories are told behind it.


A major part of our population is represent by a rural density. The FAIRS have their special place in our rural life style.The Fairs provide us a great opportunity that we can look,understand and feel the entity ,soul and motto of our rich and prosperous tradition and culture.It also help us to find out the logic behind these activities.Some popular fairs of bhilwara are listed here.

Ganesh Mela ,Ganesh Temple Gandi Nagar Bhilwara
Tejaji Mela, Tejaji chowk Bhilwara
Harni Mahadev Mela , Harni Bhilwara
Sawai Bhoj Ka Mela,Asind
Phool Dol Mela, Shahpura
Jal Jhoolani Ekadasha, Kotdi charbhuja
Dhanop Mataji ka Mela,Dhanop Shahpura
Jogania mata mela, Joganiya
Dev Narayan Mela, Malaseri ki Oongra
Ramdev ji Ka Mela,Bagore Mandal
Tilaswa Mahadev Mela, tilswatirth
Badnore Pash Mela, Badnore Asind
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